Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summer day

We went to the park this morning!  

And my little slider had lots of fun. She is way too brave. 

He's not very brave. But he sure is cute!

Jade insisted that we take a picture of her and Preston, and Ethan doesn't look very impressed, but Alicia was more than happy to pose. There is something about girls and pictures right now, they all seem extremely eager to get their picture taken.  

She loves him, and she is such a big helper!

Took some group shots as we were getting ready to leave.  Gosh, I love these guys!

As usual, the first one is the best one.  But the others didn't really turn out too badly either. The fact that I took three pictures and all 10 children are actually looking at me is a small miracle all by itself! 

The fact that most of them are actually looking very happy is a bonus! We all had such a wonderful morning! And if anyone is wondering where Grandson and Sweetheart are, they were invited by a friend to go to the beach. 

More visitors, more pictures

Miracle #1 came by last night. She showed up just before dinner, McDonald's dinner in hand and was quite delighted when she discovered that Sweetheart was here from her day of playing. Sweetheart had decided she needed to stay for dinner of meatballs and so it was a win/win for everyone. 

#1 always asks me to take her photo. And she is quite specific about which camera/phone I am to use. She doesn't like my phone pics. But Sweetheart prefers my phone because it doesn't flash. She ALWAYS blinks or squints when I use my camera. My camera will only take a clear picture if the flash is on, because of the poor quality of resolution. So, this picture above is the picture that #1 prefers. 

I, on the other hand, like this one better. 

I actually, really like the candid shots the best. Auntie J read books to Sweetheart for almost an hour. They both enjoyed their time together very much!

Sweetheart would read books all day if she could. And she is really starting to sound out more and more words every day.  Auntie and Sweetheart had a really nice evening together. 

Taking pictures

We had one of those tremendous days yesterday, with lots of social time and lots of playing with fuzzins.  Remember that fuzzins are fake cousins, or friend cousins. Baby at one point was calling Sam Auntie Sam as she has decided that every female adult is her auntie. They all make me smile. There is a lot of love in these photos. 

Sam has requested that these girls should stop growing older. She can't believe that one is off to kindergarten already and the two youngest ones are already two.

Taking pictures of these three blessings was quite comical.  There may or may not have been candy involved....used as a bribe.  

Sweetheart and Sweet Pea were very agreeable and cooperative from the beginning. Baby, not so much. Even with the offer of a treat, she still had to be coaxed to move over and sit closer.

And there was no way that she was going to sit on Samantha's knee. So after five tries, we sort of got it right. Sam and some of her fuzzins had a lot of fun together. 

They make my heart smile. I have a lot of love for every single one of these very important people!

Sam started taking selfies. Baby is so funny. 

This is Sam's favourite, even though we have one missing blessing. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

We went on a field trip!

Miracle #3 and I took our children to the Recycling Depot for a field trip this morning and we all had so much fun! Shannon joined us with her boys and Samantha came along as a helper, and we all really enjoyed our outing. Sweetheart kept saying over and over, "I love it here!" She is such an eager little learner...I already know that she is more than ready to head off to kindergarten in a couple of weeks!

Recycling Dan is passionate about his job. It showed when Hubby and I went last week, and it was even more evident today. Everyone paid very close attention to what he was telling them. 

Don't you just love all their vests that look like dresses? It made them feel so important!

What a beautiful day for an outing. It was warm, but not too warm. 

Unfortunately, the sun was in the wrong place for this picture. 

So we tried again. All of the children received a little red recycling box as a gift from their experience. It was a great field trip and we all learned something new today.  Only Baby had a negative comment, as she said, "No, I probably no like recycling. It's super loud."  Oh my gosh, she makes me laugh. 

Made me smile

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday morning

Can I keep her?  We have a new little girl who is my new neighbour, and she is delightful. She came for a visit last week because her friends were here.  She enjoyed herself so much that her Mom asked if she could come back for a few days before school starts. So she is here today and I wish that I could keep her. She is such a lovely little 5 year old!

Look at all the cute kids with happy smiles. Everyone was very happy to include a new friend. 

And they were all really happy to head to the park. The weather was pleasant and I had enough seat belts. 

Bubbles are a really cheap way to entertain any age of children. I picked up a bunch a few weeks ago for 50% off, and got some more last week for 70% off.  The children are loving them.  

Preston didn't arrive today until after 10 o'clock, so he met us at the park instead of being dropped off at my house. He was very tired but he still joined in the playing. 

All of these children loved playing in the sand. Simple pleasures. 

Sweet Pea is two, so she wanders around a fair bit. She never travels too far away from me, but is quite happy to play independently when she feels like it.  Playing in the sand makes her happy. And playing with my new sand toys make all of us happy. I love 70% off deals!

And this is where the rest of them went while she was playing in the sand. Baby Preston was glued to my hip at this point because he needed to go to bed. We all had a wonderful morning at the park!

More from the Quirium

The children loved the Wet Lab. This is a membership perk that I wasn't even aware of until my niece told me about it, and the three older cousins got right into it.  Baby wasn't so sure and Isaac was finished before everyone else, but I had already taken Baby over to Clownfish Cove so Shannon stayed with everyone until they were done.

So interesting!  And it wasn't very busy, so they had lots of attention given to them by the staff. Shannon said that Grandson and Sweetheart asked lots of questions and they all learned a lot in the Wet Lab. 

Baby likes to be in charge. She sat at this leaders table for quite some time as she liked feeling like she was the boss. Once her sister came over, she got brave enough to touch the starfish, but that was the only thing she would touch.  For having such a bold personality she really is cautious when she is unfamiliar. She is very unpredictable. 

Sweetheart claims that the Amazon is one of her favourite parts of the Aquarium. Me, I don't really like it at all. Everyone was very enthralled with the snake. It's head is right over top Lucas's head and it was pretty enthralled with us too. Oh, yuck. Just an opinion......

Baby absolutely LOVED the beluga whales. She kept singing Baby Beluga to them, and called all of them baby belugas. She's changed and grown up a lot since she was here in the Spring. She really took the time out to engage and pay attention to everything. I think she would have watched the belugas all day long if she was allowed. 

Grandson is such a good big brother. He always listens and explains things to her. 

Everyone really enjoyed their Aquarium visit!