Monday, October 16, 2017

A few weeks ago

Our California vacation is becoming a distant memory so it was nice to go over to #3's house this morning and look at some pictures that SIL took. I only had Finn this morning so he enjoyed his social time. And I enjoyed my visit with #3.......I know that I see her all the time but we really don't have a lot of chances to actually talk. Always so many was so nice as we were able to have a conversation. 

Sweetheart and Grandson were very excited to go an airplane.  It's been almost 5 years for both of them, and they don't really remember.  It was a very uneventful flight.....which is the best kind!

Here's Baby being Baby. She was excited too but there was no way she was going to let anyone know. In all fairness, it really was naptime.......and of course, she didn't nap. 

It was so fun to experience the blessings first sight of Downtown Disney and the Lego store. They really were so excited and happy!

Everything is so much bigger in the States. I know we have a Lego store at Guildford, but it really does pale in comparison. Hubby and I were there on Friday night and I really was surprised at how much smaller it was. Didn't really think so until I had the two to actually compare. 

Sweetheart was so excited to find all of the Lego friends. These were all outside the store, we hadn't even made it in as we were on our way to California Adventure on the first day. 

We all loved Carsland.  It was my very favourite part of the whole park. 

The weekend

Well, that weekend went by incredibly fast!  They usually do, but this last one just seems to have gone by faster than others.  We went out for dinner and shopping on Friday night with Miracle #4. We went to one of our favourite toy stores and he was impressed.  He even sat down with a couple of Star Wars characters so I could take his picture. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Field Lacrosse

My favourite grandson had a lacrosse game at noon and it was so sunny and warm. I just looked at my weather app and it is currently 17 degrees outside. It was probably closer to 13 or 14 degrees at noon, but it sure is a nice day to be outdoors. 

He is really getting tall.  I'm going to have to measure him again because he looks like he's grown.  Again. Sigh.....

Action shot!  I am always so proud of myself when I get a picture like this one. He made a good run up the field here, and had a shot on goal. I believe that his team beat Delta 8-2 but he didn't score today. He had a really good game though. Lots of action and lots of fun!

If only the whole season could be as nice outside as it was today.....I hear that the rain is due back tomorrow. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Double Celebration

We celebrated two very special boys tonight, because Lucas turned 7 today and Isaac turned 4 on Tuesday. My niece had their family party this evening and it was stupendous. 

Here are the birthday boys opening their presents. My sister took these pictures and shared them with me. Thanks so much to my sister Katherine!

Isaac was listening to what his Mom was telling him.

Happy 4th Birthday!

Happy 7th Birthday!

Yes, he really did have a poop party. Because it's his favourite word right now and just seems so 'four year old boy.' I love his cupcakes, and his t-shirt.....they were really cute!  I chuckled at Baby as she wanted no part of a poop cupcake. She waited very patiently for Lucas's Star Wars birthday cake to be cut!

Making his wish and getting ready to blow out his candles!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Sunshine is back!

The sun is back today and it is only 11 degrees but we won't complain. It's just so nice when the sun is out!

These guys are funny. They always hold hands whenever we have to walk somewhere.  This is from the parking lot to pick up Pretty Girl and they were so cute!

This cracks me up. Look at the position of Sweet Pea and Lukas's hands. This is how they chose to hold hands. I did try to reposition them and they would have no part of it. Doesn't it look uncomfortable?

We were a few minutes early so they sat down to wait. These two boys adore her and she has no idea. They copy everything she does. 

She kept telling me that she was having a hard time. But she really wasn't. She was copying something that her sister says but I really don't think she understands what she is saying. Whenever I have heard her say it, she isn't having a hard time at all.  

They sat and enjoyed the sunshine.  Sweetheart was chatting away and the boys were more than happy to copy her and watch the world go by. 

And of course, Finn just makes his cheesy face whenever I take a picture. 

The Buzz Lightyear ride

When we went to Disneyland in 2005, the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride was a favourite. That was the year that we went with young adults and the friendly competition was fun. And at the end of the ride, you can email yourself a picture with your score on it.  Well, I know that SIL and Grandson still had a friendly competition and the rest of us just try and shoot in the right direction.

Fast forward to 2017 and we decided while this ride was still fun, we liked the midway mania ride in California Adventure better.

Baby was my ride partner on every ride.  Every so often she would let me go with one of her siblings, but for the most part, she was my best friend. As you can see by the picture, she's more interested with what's going on around her than aiming at the targets. 

Hubby ended up with a better score than us as he knows what to do. All of the other pictures were emailed to the G family, so I haven't seen them. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017


When Finn saw that the cows were out this morning he asked if we could go look at them. 

So I said yes and we went to have a little look before the rain started. 

Baby came over to have a look too, and then we parted ways because she had preschool today. It was Picture Day, and she was a little bit excited. She still doesn't like the idea that her Mommy leaves her, but she is really enjoying herself. No more crying, but she always voices her objection. She says to her mom at every drop-off, "You always come back." Which of course, she always does!