Sunday, January 22, 2017

Our youngest blessing

This little blessing is looking so grown up these days. At two and a half she is still our littlest, but she really is very average in size. She weighs 32 pounds and is probably around 36 inches tall. She fits a Size 3 in clothing and a Size 8 shoe. She is very determined and independent, and challenges her Mommy on a daily basis. She may be little but she is fierce! And extremely opinionated and bossy. 

As her Grandma, I can see the humour in her behaviours but she can be very exhausting. She is a good little eater and sleeper for the most part, and has been sleeping in her new big girl bed since November. She came down with a fever last Sunday and was sick until Wednesday with a virus. I missed her. 

We were at her house for dinner tonight and it was nice to spend some time with her. She is loving all her little Paw Patrol toys, with her Frozen figures and Finding Dory being important as well. She loves stuffies and dollies too, and she loves being read to. She's getting to the point where she is memorizing her favourite books and she 'reads' to me now.  It's very cute! Let's face it.....I really do think that everything she does is cute!  Although I am not really happy that she is growing up before my very eyes. She told her neighbour last week, when he mentioned he hadn't seen her in awhile, "I have been a little bit busy."  Isn't she funny!?

Friday, January 20, 2017

What a great hockey game!

I went to the Vancouver/Nashville game on Tuesday night and I was hoping that Henrik Sedin would score his thousandth point, but he waited for tonight to do it. And it was worth waiting for!

It was a beautiful goal against his former teammate, Roberto Luongo and the Florida Panthers. It was very exciting and Corinna and I felt very privileged to have witnessed it. His whole team came out to congratulate him!

He got a two or three minute standing ovation, and as usual, he was very humble. He seems like a very classy gentleman. I met him in New York in 2004 but I was extremely starstruck!

There was a congratulatory video at the first television time-out and it was very well done. 

The girls behind us brought these cardboard letters and they were on the big screen a couple of times. They were very happy to pose for me at the end of the game. Such a fun night and a great way to start off a weekend!

6 degrees outside!

Finally!  The temperature has been above freezing since Monday, and we could walk over to the pre-school today. My almost-3 year olds were very happy!  So was I!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Monday, January 2, 2017


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Feeling better!

The best part about being two years old is that when you get sick, you get better really quickly. Baby woke up chatting and with her appetite back, but we still took her home just before 10 because we were teaching Sunday School this morning. 

Saturday, December 31, 2016

The end of another year

It wasn't really the way I had planned to spend my week off, but sometimes the best laid plans are none at all. Sweetheart had an intestinal bug on Monday, I got it early Wednesday morning and Baby woke up with it today. We have all had it a bit differently, but all of us have thrown up. I never throw up. But that being said, I did, and so I laid on the couch watching pvr'd Christmas movies for two days. The G family had plans tonight so Baby and I watched Finding Dory and Frozen, and she is now sound asleep in her bed. She wouldn't eat dinner, had a bit of juice and has been so cuddly all evening. You can definitely tell that she isn't feeling well. She requested me to Rock a Bye baby, which means she wanted me to rock her to sleep, and I just couldn't resist taking a really sweet sleeping picture.  

It has been snowing all day. Again!  There are fireworks going off down the street and it is extremely loud outside, so I hope that means that there won't be any going off at midnight. I already know that I will be in bed before then......not really unusual for us but this bug has tired me out. I felt pretty good all day today, but I have been sleeping a lot more than normal. Happy New Year Everyone!!